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California Labor Law Poster

California Labor Law Poster

Item #:CA-SS1

Item Type Qty Price
Laminated $19.95
Unlaminated $9.95
Spanish Laminated $19.95
Spanish Unlaminated $9.95
1-Year Subscription & Poster $29.95
1-Year Subscription Spanish & Poster $29.95


Our California Space Saver-1 All-On-One Labor Law Poster combines mandatory California and federal notices onto a reversible (horizontal or vertical display) 25.5" x 39.5" poster. Order your business our poster today to signify your compliance with all posting requirements and to avoid costly fines.


California State Postings Included

  • CA CRD Harassment & Discrimination
  • CA Family Care & Medical Leave & Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • CA Rights as a Pregnant Employee
  • CA Paid Sick Leave
  • CA Time Off to Vote
  • CA Emergency Phone Numbers
  • CA Unemployment Insurance (Notice 1857A)
  • CA Unemployment Insurance (Notice 1857D)
  • CA Minimum Wage
  • CA OSHA Safety & Health Protection
  • CA Sexual Harassment
  • CA Transgender Rights
  • CA Workers' Compensation Notice
  • CA Payday Notice
  • CA Whistleblowers Protection


Federal Postings and Notifications Included

  • EEOC "Know Your Rights" Notice 
  • Federal Minimum Wage Notice
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Notice
  • Family and Medical Leave Act Notice (download only where required)
  • USERRA Rights and Benefits Notice
  • Payday Notice (Meets notification requirements)
  • IRS EITC / Notice 797 / W-4 Notice (Meets notification requirements)
  • Employee "Right to Know" Notice
  • USCIS Discrimination Notice



This exclusive, copyrighted poster is protected by our $40,000 "We Pay the Fine" Reimbursement Guarantee in California against government fines for non-compliance. You'll also receive a Certificate of Compliance to post next to your labor law poster. This certificate transfers the burden of posting compliance to our firm and explains the terms of our guarantee.


Subscription Benefits

Eliminate the stress of staying on top of labor law posting requirements in California. With a one-year subscription, you will automatically receive updates to your poster whenever a mandatory posting change occurs. Generally, two or three updates take place yearly in labor law posting requirements. The subscription will ensure that you stay in compliance and not void your Personnel Concepts "We Pay the Fine" Guarantee.


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